Green Man

Swimming in a forest of Great and tall Trees,
Walking in a sea of fragrance so sweet
Glowing in the doorway,
Two eyes are gleaming.

It's the Green Man and he sees me dreaming.

In a swirl of blue around the Earth drew,
his Oceans to protect the Seas.
A light in a beam, he shines in a stream,
creating the electric bees. And a breeze...
Giving life in the Light and a cycle so right,
he's growing his love in the seeds.
Making glow candle bright to continue right
he's loving his Trees into Light.
And they're beaming....glowing on the wick
and streaming...

It's the Green Man and he sees me dreaming.

"Come the Great Bat" by his side in a stride
Nurishing Time that was right for the flight.
Feeding with care and with love and with pride,
the MasterPeace Trees on his Mountain side.

Makes a Moon shine in a Knight she's seeing,
Two eyes through, the light and they're beaming...
The Green Man's Trees are the seas in my dreaming.

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