Little Dish...

Little dish of a thing tiny and humble,
standing tall at the heart of them all,
hose in hand a quiet thing. Said hi to me.
Right there at the beat of the Dark Tower
and I knew before a second or an hour,
that it's true. I said hi to her too.

Her mind carries the Uni.Verse. Not three
digit but more in her eyes, I could see it
recognized. Little dish of a thing washes
the dishes I bring. Sever passes dirty
the plates to sea a washer washing
inside the machine. We said hi on day 2.

"Do you know high math" when you wash?
Eyes gleaming behind the mist and noise,
the Washer kept watch with silver poised,
for the cleaning. Her layer is steaming hot
and her eyes scream know me not... but,
I befriended her anyway.

Because she plays. There in the Passage and
framed in the Gates our eyes met Lights in a
beam of water and steam our eyes, both gleam.ing
Sounds of the machine are screaming and Time
isn't moving as we See. You are Me echoes
two in recognition in Vision, In Number. Old
schooled and humble in silent knowing we stood
passing the dishes to and fro in and over the
flow of water, eyes burning with a knowledge of
the Ancient Great Fire.

And we hug in exchange of a glance
.... called recognition. Little dish of a wish
I made came true when she called me by
a friendly name too. Then we shook hands
knowing that we'd speak again.
Our arrangements set firm.

The Washer faded Way then.... her eyes pull
back into the Myst and the dishes bang. Only
silence now from the machine...

Good work began...
In a Great Friendship, Just. Beginning.

~In Universal Understanding~
~There Came a Great Land.~


Gerry Boyd said...

Izzy you freak me. That's not a bad thing. This just reeks of groovy insight into the madness of reality. I get the Capitals. And "little dish of a wash"; that's saying something about how good words hint at the things themselves. dasein, 24-16-22-76-11, if you know what I mean. I think you do.

Perfectly Twisted said...

"Being There" is an outstanding movie made back in '79 and the part I remember and value best is that he "didn't know he couldn't and so he did". :) Other then that my friend, your numbers are as much a puzzle to me as the ones coming out of my head. Please keep in touch as I'm a student of sum.thing I have yet to fully understand. Hugs and many smiles.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Ps... Maroon. A lovely color of Lightsaber I have too. My brother.In.Jedi.Master.WordCrafter