Lick lick lick, long lick, lick lick...
there she sits on my window sill,
neatening fur from her feet to her tail.
And here I spy my little cat's eye,
narrowing my focus on her.
I hear the purr.ing....as she sits
sunny in the sill.

I think to myself...
the other day when I write my rhyme,
upon my toe you came with chimes,
to break my scribbling stride. MEOW
in a loud voice you cried. Give me
kibbles your whiskers pry between
my ankles. Then I smiled.

And now upon this greatly fine hour,
revenge I'll have and you'll be sour,
as I make my strides to you.
I'm gonna pick you up and cuddle you too.
It'll cause a mess, I must confess
but I'm the 'mom' and you're too cute.

Plus I owe you... some love.
plus you OWME! too. ;) a new poem.

~and that's communication~
~in it's best form~
At my house anyway lol!!

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