Izzy You're Dizzy

Izzy you're dizzy you'll need to explain
Exactly HOW many players are in your brain.
~But I can't they won't understand.
~I've tried this before and I lost my clan.
~They know you're here on the land.Anyway.

Explain a day that you can see when Many are the
here and the hear are She. Writing for A WE.
It can be This Way and it is.
News came and spun the biz...
NessV. It'll be May.be Tomorrow.
Five days in the narrows.
row row To be. a Way
Then on the arrows we'll see.

~with respect I ask... are you testing me?
A day in May is only part Way. To a day.
I know my name. \@@/ and YOU're the ham.
A birth defined on an August I AM!g0

And my vision is funny not fuzzy,
Souper sunny in the morning not dizzy...
My name is Susan and my pen's named Izzy.

A system drawn in a perfect way.see
A Wake.yes. A Long ago yes. I Be.
Loving to write poETry
And how many poems can that really be?
In my brain I asked, Again.


Mary Anne Gruen said...

"Exactly HOW many players are in your brain."

I love it! That's the question for a lot of us.

Chris said...

Izzy is not dizzy, she is very aware of imagination ! You have been blessed with awesome writting skills !