Sit With Me.

Sit with me and close your eye...
I'll share with you, the day we dye...
Guardians call, from up on high,
So Look now... and sea the sky.

My hands I place, in front of her,
Her lines I traced. The Whisperer...
And when she looked, and saw back to me,
A life was Created, from our History.

"A horse you ride and great the pride,
upon a cliff, I see you fly and search
you did, for a Common stride. Upon a
horse, I saw you ride...

A country.men, lands born again,
near an edge of sea, our Unity be
and great the day when Winds come play.
Remember today.I share you too,
Our stories of old.Our gift made new."

And in my eyes, a trace did she,
The Whisperer ask... to Sit.As We.

Eyes closed,
Two Hands held firm
as one.
We open within
to hear
the winds carrying our call.

We smile,
We know,
No words endure.
In the essence we merge
And dye
Over the sea
we fly
answering the Guardian’s call.

Unending Love,

“…answering the Guardian’s call.”

“Look now girl, to the wall…
The light that shine there, is One.
Behind you, aLion of Suns…”

And then she touched me.
She reached for my hand,
“… do you see there girl,
do you Sea…the Guardian…”

“… In the essence we merge
And dye
Over the Sea
We fly…”

And then,
right just then,
Her and I…
My hands.Her eyes.


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