Calling On...

I ticked when I clicked, not sure if I sent,
An email to say, that along I went and
Turned four.T, this way back when,
MidSummer said, I was Spring again.
Time gone by and by the crow fly.
And by my eye, I spy the arrow.ing,
Upon the temples, there came a narrowing…
And baring the years of Time in.side,
I turned four.t, and started a ride….
The year went by, I don’t deny, with
Tears upon tears upon tears I cried…
When I dyed. And then again, I’d awake
Back when, Time was slow, and a mist
Was low… to the ground and around,
I could hear the steady wind blow.
… It was Time again. I hear.ed the know.
And I heard to see, but it didn’t show
A path for me, so lost were two at sea…
And then fell I, when I saw the sky and
Saw it back, glance to and four me.
Then I knew, …I was still alive…

And I cried.
Blessed. I realized.
And I cried.
Given the chance, to be in a life….
Given my life, to be in this dance…

I get confused. And sometimes, I get amuzed.
Most times…, I play the muse…ic, to find
A creative mind, To play This Rhyme. ;)

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