Wally Beers

seventy seven
beers on the wall
and just two days
to drink them all

telescope in hand
butterfly nets
might stand
a good clearing

counting on cheers
the reservation
is a mounting fear
jest is just
the jokers gear
so jest not

when you’re counting, dear…




fear of numbers would turn a saint to drink
aloohilics anonymou suggest after hitting the wall
a 12 step plan is needed i prefer the one step forward
two steps back approached it took me an ertenity to walk to tipperay tho
in fact i`m still on the road


“it’s a long way to Tipherdeary
but it is the road home
for forty knights
in writing lights
counting through
trotting songs
in suede chaps
at a gallop perhaps
at least
when the winters gone
“honey, did you fix the gait?”


my gait is constantly unhinged
i`ve tried to persuade the chaplin to sing a song
but it rained for 40 days during the flood
noah`s voice became hoarse as 2 horses galloped
uncontrollably across the four deck 2 rabbits became 40
one hare remained singular,
just like noah did he have a wife no trouble and strife
no need to fix the gate the horse had already bolted
bring on the swimming horses


oh those horses
well Alphalfa,
you did say 5.22? is what I thought anyway
and if you change the voltage then I might convert you because a deck of 2 rabbits can be a handful.
that would be…
880, 880 pair of ears ‘dood’ ;)
“what colors the sky?”
something unique…
something good ;b

lol… happy new year C. ;) x
you clever thing.

Chinese year of Rabbit
Feb. 3, 2011

"..the dealer.."
and the lights are green


Gerry Boyd said...

Slayed, as usual my dear Izzy, slayed.

IzzyGumbo said...

Lines laid my dear boy,
rhymes play,
Mr. Boyd;
You are a delight. xx