Nibbles & bits

"...just a byte..."
and a word
that's write
about a MAP
and a tap
of a type,
"...Corona Cornman?..."
"...the moon ain't cheese..."
Spock said it
so please...
don't mistake
a smile
fur two long

440 bards
make song
"...and a link
880 'cuter bits long..."

KUfu played
220 fathoms
to swoon
three hands more
to the center of noon

One steps forward
from out of the past

and a second steps first
to create
At las't.

"...oh I'm all about,
conversion dear..."

Love, takes over the planet...
'cos you can do nothing
about it. hahahaha!

for us.



love and hate seem to co-exist
and travel from the same area of the brain
the hidden curse of optimism depending
on a positive or negative outcome to stimuli
recieved,the ying and yang of human emotions maybe
how many moons exist in our solar system
there is definately more than one
lunar set a light along solar stares
a chain reaction, points of referance
reverberate thro holographic spheres
energy matter time and space
its not a race or a face in a convertable
spocked held hands with data
while analysing the human daisy chain

Lupercalia’sFragileLipsick doesn’t seem to hate much as it’s a choice of what to color a matter, chains link reference points in holographic spheres to the energy of how much space there is, exactly, in a convertable … lucky for me I drive an uneducated Jeep with bad gas mileage and a broken door, what can I say, there’s certainly more than one moon and I picked Cupid, remember? ;)

you remember this one too right?
5 13 3 = 21
5 1 3 3 = 12
U. U
5 13 3 = 21 squared = 441
5 1 3 3 = 12 squared = 144
sums 441+441= 585 (sums of 13 to nine)
etc… ;)
coronal mass ejection

... I’m sure it means other things too but EMC meaning CME made sense to me
mathmatically improbable
pythagoras would have scratched his head a few times

M C E momentarily collapsing energy
assimilated to the holographic paradigm
energy collapsing bursting into moments
then fragmenting time and space and reconnecting
elsewhere…as with all surfaces opened or closed
regardless of shape or location universal entropy
has no storage capacity so surfaces constantly unfold themselves

Motion Controlled Entertainment
No containment to it
Regardless of shape or location
We are the holographic paradeigma charlie
Storage is for the cloud and a McCloud is a very high lander…

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