”... this is not the MetaTron….”
that was knot a ‘nice’ game…
Testing pokes evoke sane
Strokes of ego
strike a flame…
“sit where you are”
burning by far
in the blue of I am
turned you are
by the sue
of .do. names
mon te plumb…
to say the least!
wood of a
worthy beast
“off the chair”

betting hearts to
“pet a geese here”
“get use to it”
Orion’s pelt
is just fine
upon next
it Lepus on by
“Siriusly, the godseYe”
“come and fly”
fire works
in the sky

and that "dog"
is wearing my skin.

on the morning of the night before the day after
robbie the robert got lost in space dr zachary smith
and dr theador zeuss swapped tarot cards the queen of pentangles
and the knight of wands exchanged astronomical data
a non de plume left the room in search of intergalatic formuli
climbing the cosmic distance ladder while reaching for the andromeda galaxy
where he met daedalus and icarus fashioning their wings with orions help
canus major and canus minor in the mirror saw sirius maped out in the heavens

the knight’s plume
on a wand he zooms
psychodelic rufas
frolic into rooms
fashioning wings
canus we this major
in a minor of bliss
mirror where we meet


mac-and-me said...

neo poesie?

IzzyGumbo said...

The list of poems from the archives September 2009, new then yes ;)
The list, new now yes.
Thanks for reading mam. ;)