theodor seuss geisel.
open a door to hell
so yertle the turtle
had something to tell
and today the great yertle
that marvelous he
is king of the mud
that is all he can see

what colors your skin?

on a good day its purple
on a bad day its red
but if i`m feeling blue
i generally stay in bed
and if i`m feeling mellow
its usually quite yellow
not a rainbow,
but more ultra than infra

the man prefers ahi “big eYes?
Thundernus albacaresus
“not quite a tuna”
but a great piece of tale

a tale to tell doctor seuss i presume
the cat sat quietly on the mat
there`s a fox in my sockets
and there a wocket in my pocket
tuna fork listened for octaves
maybe there`s thunder asunder
somewhere near albi quickie

hey there ham ;)
the universe is green
little cat Z’s
got a musing machine
quiet on a mat
in’dig.n.it cat
kibbles me wonder
what tickles his hat
I’ll be it she thinks
quick in reply
I’ll tuna the fork
and I’ll even ask Y
a pitcher of one
machs a pocket
in the sky,,,
does your noodle
doodle when you fly?
Mister Theodor?

oh...look at the time.
couple a more.

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