She Thinks....

I'll swim
if I must
I'd just
like to fly
but my
and my oh my!
I'm afraid
of the sky
and this
my friend
is why
I dream ...
and at night
by the candlelight
I'm dreaming to sea

the sight of your eyes

the oceans away...

"...come and play..."

~with me
I wrote this for you

"... do you know

who you are...?"



Anonymous said...

Don't fret my love,
Don't worry.
I will fashion a boat,
Fit for a queen.

I will sail to you,
Blown on the wind of my thought,
Borne on the current of desire.
I come.

Thence from thoughts,
Jumping oceans,
We'll sail 'cross the stars,
'neath the heady firmament.

Giddy with passion.
Flying with our hearts,
Eyes within eyes,
And a look that knows.

A chemistry lesson for sure...

Do you know.....

who I am?

IzzyGumbo said...

"that's Jeff Vader that is!"

um... I mean
Sir Lord Baron Von Cater Ham? Head of catering yes?

IzzyGumbo said...

:) I hope you find the humors in there. I think your writing is beautiful, thank you so much ...please do write again. x