more regulus then romulus
and brighter then remus
i’d say
but not quite so famous
the heart of a lion
called a raven shameless
ah but distinctly
i remember
once upon a knight
in a dreamy september
flying embers knotting
in quaint surrenders tapping
i nodded into nearly
and almost gently napping
when satin robes rustled
and i awoke wondering
“tis some visitor”
i uttered almost laughing
with and not at
his gentle naughty tapping
pleased and shyly grinning
in the decor of my room
he was quite inviting
“couldnt find the door
so i came through the floor”
“ive come to remember
and perhaps to forget
that ive read the forgotten
on the ecliptics lip”
then a howling wolf
made a growling sound
but the raven stayed quiet
in the eyes of time
and 32 flights
became 33 rhymes
so do tell a soul
if with sorrows laden
that there is a palm
and a caring maiden
serving fresh
her cups of malt
with talons cut
upon a falcons deck
and even if
raven speaks knot
many have lived
tHere without
a trace


nothingprofound said...

"Writing Through The Raven." Verbal magic and madness, as usual. Poe would be proud. Do you detect a trace of the erotic, or is that just my lurid imagination?

Perfectly Twisted said...

yes, i was reading poe, alice looking glass and doing some web hopping ;)
became this and it was pretty much, just for fun.

Lola D said...

Izzy are you doing NANO? It starts tonight!