oh lord...

Dear Lord,
I'm a bord cord
while i pourd and pourd
on the porage door
but oats became goats
and coats that float
it rocked my boat
so i went mute
Dear Lord,
it wasn't so cute
when you probed my lute
and unrobed in my suite
leaving nothing to guess
leaving tones of distress
leaving the ones a mess
while you stood near by
pointed finger to the sky

"..hey guys, I'm not on the nails..."

oh lord, some think like snails...
does it make any sense
if he sent his one sun
that'd we worship what we love
while it's nailed to our sins?

do your god some justice
and let the real image in.


nothingprofound said...

Good old Izzy Gumbo wordplay with a poignant message besides. Hope all is well in your world.

Perfectly Twisted said...

thanks for visiting my friend. life is working out...