Simon's Magician bets Dylan a Dollar

" the post cards coming "
and the paintings a Parlor

A blind commission
for Simon's daughter
renders faith
a matter of Nature
yet the intellect...
has a principle power

A tight-rope walker
does a dance with fire
and the angels came
claiming one's for hire

" O father I sigh "

as upon the canvas
three wise men
came with Cain and cashless

Able I am
to paint the classics
yet to move the moon...
is to bare with Atlas

... and Darius
on the wings of a throne
I'd rather a monarch
fly with just her arms

" efforts best easy "
on this road I've gone
a twisting Storm
in a stoic calm

seven sweet spheres
in the body of one
tips green on a brush
in the name of our sun

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