Dear Welder...

for some reason
I know that you are SEVEN
”... ring ring! honey, answer the call…”

and for some reason
I know that I am THIRTEEN

I know too
that Earth is X
and that Venus is you.

So I’m asking…
What happened to the THREE?

Seven Sees....

Seven seas
four suns
“the bridge isn’t needed”
says an ancient Egyptian
“I am the scribe”
and for reason came
thought transformation
by way of Names.
“You are the heart”
I am your tongue
Keeper of the record
Creates in a Season
“and Tablets Green
will bare a flame”

I wrote it Lefty
... ;) but it’s all the same.


1. this is true
2. above love is below
3. where all is created
4. upon a sun kissed moon
5. between man and woman
6. their minds a womb
7. soothing Earth
8. perfecting motion
9. ...

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