Lead Me Knot...

Lead me knot into salvation
Tempted by a naughty suggestion
Attempting to tempt you too
Lead me then, this naughty fool...
Who games and plays the cool
Cat in the hat riding batty rats
Into the Tomb of Time with You
And me too for The Matter, of it.



Behind the screens of silk and cover
A shadow of a figure touches me.
Tightens the lace to heighten pace
My breath in short as his fingers trace
The small of my back...

He inches way to control the dark
of my heart, he cinches lace to create
his art, as he pins into place his name.
Marked on my soul I succumb to flame
What burns in the fire is a body of shame
Pleasure delivers in the guise of pain as
Ruby lips wear the glistening stain, of sin.
I strain not to smile as I allow him in...

Lover, my knees indeed weaken
Erotic treasure behind the scenes
Given to the pleasure of your hands
Forbidden mystery I've yet to know
Tightens the lace and binds the ropes...
I lower my eyes... and submit to 'control'.

Folding over is a hole in Time
Shattering light penetrates my mind
Eyes of Storm turn a spiraling wind
as forces grow at the base of my spine

"...Master, I saw and built the line..."

A naughty touch of my Lovers hand
A space beyond the desert sands
A golden glow in the eyes of a Man...

Lace on my nipples dance, ripples,
tingles, singing on my lips, subtle and
supple, the nibbling riddles, reach me
there and here in the middle...hear...

Behind the screens of silk and cover
A shadow of a Lover, teaches me.
Raising my eyes, I submit to Be.