tap tap

tap tap
pat the bat
what day is it
if it isn’t that
three two two
who’s got a clue
Kappa said Beta
so Phi did too
" it’s my birthday "
two two five
who isn’t dead
if she’s really
" alive "
atta cat
wanna wrestle
mate? ;) x

don’t push
a burning bush
I said

I’m outta the tomb
crooks the desk
who has me bones


xmas eve n

it's xmas eve
and we all are walking
along the milky path
in silent talking
to review the rise
of a childlike being
in the presence of day
within light where seeing
is a small amount
of the actual way



never give way to the watchers...
" dont lose your head "


Thoth's Portal

Thoth’s portal
the dragon’s eye
we’re coming through
and there’s nothing
for you do too
the weight
is light
a feather…


my butterfly

“my butterfly”
kisses on your cheek
and my maths
make portal speak
of lucid dreaming
to reach in sleep
“for you”……..
I care to leap
oceans of sky
and mountains “hi”
to feel your pen
across my skin
…. the gentle wing
…. of your hand